Celebrating World Encouragement Day with Comfy Outfits

Celebrating World Encouragement Day with Comfy Outfits and Inspiring Acts.

Its here on the horizon! September 12 - World Encouragement Day. Its a day dedicated to uplifting ourselves and people around us both personally and professionally. Its about radiating elegance, shining our light into the world, and putting a smile on peoples faces. But heres an unconventional idea: Why not do all of that with your outfits? Weird, right? Hows that even possible? Lets get on this journey of exploration to find out how.

Dress for Confidence

Psychologists have found a direct correlation between what we wear and how we feel. Think about it, how pumped do you feel when you buy that gorgeous dress from a womens clothing boutique, and rock it with the perfect lipstick and deodorant? Awesome, right?

As World Encouragement Day approaches, you surely want to put out that positive vibe, right? But as we all know, its less about the dress and more about you as a person.

Focus on celebrating your body

Weve all complained about how our hips, stomach, lips, or even face isnt perfect enough - youd probably even want a change if its possible. But you know what? The most powerful change of all is becoming your body confidence cheerleader. World Encouragement Day is also about appreciating your body and your personality. Its about loving yourself because youve come a long way, and you still have a long journey ahead of you. Lets face it, your body aint gonna leave you - so you can as well celebrate it.

Feel confident in your Most comfortable outfits

Here a fun idea; why not rock this coming World Encouragement Day with your most comfortable outfits, with sassy confidence? Go to a womens clothing boutique and purchase what you feel most comfortable in, either it is a casual dress, a midi floral dress, off-the-shoulder dress, or denim - just anything that gives you that tingle carefree vibes. 

Put it on just the way you like on September 12 and flaunt it with the utmost fun. Radiate that aura of confidence around you and in your interactions.

Dont forget to encourage others too

Asides from lifting ourselves through our most comfortable outfits, do you know someone who needs encouragement? Someone who needs to feel like they matter and that they are seen and heard? Even as you project sassy confidence, plan deliberate acts of encouragement for reassurance and inspiration, today and every day. 

Something as simple as a smile with a high five makes an impression. Take notice of your friends and coworkers and appreciate them for the role they play in your life. Send a thinking of you card, text, or email. You never know what profound impact that kind little word from you can help left someone going through a rough patch.


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