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      Style Notes

      Tips to Dress the Family for Your Next Photo Shoot

      Tips to Dress the Family for Your Next Photo Shoot

      Family pictures are meant to capture the love and memories you have with your family. What better way to do that than by dressing them all in their best outfits? We've put together a few tips for how mom can dress, and what everyone else should wear so that you too can look effortlessly chic when it's time for your family photos!

      Style Tips:

      Mom -start with your outfit first, try these tips when picking something for yourself:

      • Wear a dress. For an effortless and chic look choose a dress that has a flattering fit.
      • Dresses with a fitted waist are great for flattering your figure. They not only make you look thinner but also give your waist a shape. 

      You'll be able to find a dress that you feel fabulous and confident in with our wide selection of fitted dresses.

      • Choose the color you want to wear and build from there.  Once you choose your outfit build the color scheme off of your outfit for the rest of the family.
      • Choose something comfortable, and easy to move in. This can be anything from jeans to skirts to dresses - just make sure they fit comfortably while being flattering!
      • Accessorize! Add belts, hats, scarves, jewelry, or other items that make sense for the season.
      • Switch accessories during your family photo shoot to get a few different looks.

      Choose your color scheme.

      • You can find outfit ideas on Pinterest of family pictures with outfits to help you with choosing the colors and look you like
      • We recommend choosing 2-3 colors for the color palette and then having variations based on these color options.
      • It's important to consider not only which outfits will work best in different situations but also how they will look on you--considering things like color palette preferences (warm or cool), fabric choice (light vs heavyweight), etc.--and do some preplanning before heading out so everything goes smoothly once there!
      • Coordinate but don't match, use colors that complement each other. The main reason for this is that wearing the same color is going to blend into each other. You want to create balance in your family pictures.

      Think muted colors.

      Avoid overpowering colors when they distract from the picture. Look for a mixed version of the same color. If one wants a hot pink shirt, try a soft dusty rose instead.

      neutral color pallet
      rust color palette

      Choose the location for family photos

      • Consider the location and what style of clothing make sense.
      • Take into account the location and what style of clothing would make sense.
      • Consider where you are going to be, weather conditions, and your desired level of formality when selecting clothes for your family photos. You may want something that is classic and formal or boho-chic and effortless.
      • Consider the mood you want before shopping.
      • Work with your photographer to pick a location for the shoot.

      What to Avoid.

      • Avoid busy patterns such as busy stripes and tight plaid, shirts with logos. Large patterns tend to overwhelm the subject. But at the same time, you don’t want a tiny pattern if the colors contrast (a light and a dark color together).
      • Avoid oversized items that don't fit well, they will not photograph well.
      • Scrunchies and hair-ties on wrists
      • Watches that are too modern (they just really stand out and date your photos)
      • Phones or keys in pockets (or anything, really. Empty those pockets!)

      It can be difficult to know what outfits your family should wear for their photo shoot. You want to make sure that you’re choosing colors and styles that work well together so the photos turn out great. We've done some research into how other people have styled themselves in family photoshoots to help give you some tips on what might work best for you! Be sure to shop Scout and Poppy dress collection we are sure you'll be able to find a dress that you feel fabulous and confident in with our wide selection of dresses.

      How to style cropped flare jeans

      How to style cropped flare jeans

      Ideas for how style cropped flare jeans 

      You may have seen cute outfits but not sure if you can pull them off, I am here to tell you that you can, and it's easy! 

      This trending culotte fashion trend is incredibly simple to pull off! I've seen many stylish outfits in this style, and the styles can be personalized with your own unique touches.

      Be sure to shop Scout and Poppy in this style of 5 button high waisted flare raw edge jeans (they have extra stretch which makes them so comfy with a great fit)

      We found some style ideas on Pinterest for how to wear cropped flare jeans and tips to keep in mind if you are shopping for the perfect pair.

      It's hard to go wrong with cropped flare jeans these days-- they're perfect for any occasion. For a less formal effortless chic look, wear them with your favorite sneakers and an oversized sweater or tank top.

      Add a blazer, or jacket on top if it's still too chilly out, or pair it with heels and take it to a date night. Our key tip for these looks as you style a pair of cute high-waisted flare jeans is to always tuck or choose a fitted top to create a silhouette. 

      1. A basic t-shirt and fitted blazer paired with cropped flare jeans

      women cropped flare jeans

      Images from

      T-shirt, Blazer, Cropped Flare Jeans and Ankle Booties

      The tucked t-shirt is essential in balancing this look and gives you a waist especially if you are wearing high-waisted cropped flare jeans. Add in an accessory like the booties here to add an extra pop of interest.

      Heels elevate the look but if your opting for something more comfortable swap them for a pointy-toed flat shoe or mule. 



      2. French Tuck or Half Tuck and Pair with Sneakers


      image via

      image credit Who, What, Wear

      Whether you choose a simple t-shirt or sweater tucking it in can add instant polish. A half tuck or also called "french tuck" is when you tuck in a shirt at the very front while leaving the back loose and untucked at the sides. Creating a silhouette from clothes can result in some high fashion-inspired looks.

      An oversized sweater looks so cute and stylish with a half-tucked into the cropped flare jeans. The key here is to tuck which helps give you a waist. A low-cut sneaker that shows some ankle also gives you a longer leg line to continue and not get cut off.

      3. Tied Top or Button-up Blouse

      image credit Who, What, Wear

      A button-up blouse that can be tied at the waist looks so modern and chic when paired with denim.

      • Choose a blouse that is fitted to define your shape tuck it in if you don't tie.
      • A v-neckline or top buttons left undone adds a soft touch of femininity to your denim.
      • Pair your cropped flare jeans with stilettos or cutout sandals with a heel to complete the look.
      • Nude heels help elongate your leg and are a fantastic option with cropped flare jeans.


        cropped flare jeans


        Shop for a pair of flare cropped jeans from Scout and Poppy, they are high-waisted denim made with stretch and comfy enough to wear all day long with a beautiful fit in all the right places. Our flare cropped jeans come with a raw hem so you can easily customize and shorten the length of your own pair. No need for pricey tailor fees!

        If you're a fan of the cropped flare jean, but don't know how to style them correctly, we've got you covered. With these tips from Scout and Poppy, you'll be able to wear your flare cropped jeans with confidence in no time! Take a look at our favorite styling ideas below and find out which one works best for your personal style. Shop for your own pair here on Scout and Poppy today!


        Easy DIY Valentine Day Nails

        Easy DIY Valentine Day Nails

        Valentine's Day is approaching and we are going to share an easy design nail art DIY. Let's begin! ❤️


        • Fine nail polishing block
        • Transparent nail polish
        • Red and white nail polish
        • Nail cleanser
        • Makeup sponge

        How To Instructions:

        1. First, do a simple manicure by removing excess cuticles.
        2. Fold a piece of tape in half and cut out a half of a heart (you can draw on the tape if needed as a guide)
        3. Clean nail with polish remover and a cotton ball.
        4. Apply a base layer of soft pink or nude polish and let it dry 
        5. Use a red, pink, and white polish and to create a gradient onto a makeup sponge.
        6. After your base is dry, apply the tape and sponge to the gradient.
        7. Remove the tape 
        8. Apply a layer of transparent polish to make your creation last longer.

        Check out this video for reference we love the outcome!

        See you soon!