About Scout and Poppy

We're here because we believe that fashion should feel as good as it looks. Scout and Poppy was born from a love of effortless chic aesthetic and a desire to create a boutique where style meets comfort. Our core focus is to provide our customers with a selection of clothes they'll reach for day after day.

We serve style-conscious women who value comfort as much as they do fashion. Our customer appreciates the California aesthetic and wants a wardrobe that is effortlessly chic, high-quality, and affordable. Our typical customer is not afraid to express her unique style and seeks pieces that make her feel confident and beautiful.

At Scout and Poppy, we carefully curate collections that blend style and comfort seamlessly. Our clothes echo the relaxed, chic essence of California living. We're here to simplify the process of shopping and styling, offering not just clothes, but complete looks that take the guesswork out of dressing well. With personalized recommendations and style guides, we help our customers express their unique style with ease.

We don’t make you choose between comfort and style. Every piece in our collection is selected with both in mind. We offer limited availability collections, ensuring that our customers enjoy a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness. Additionally, we are committed to quality, affordable pieces, making stylish, comfortable fashion accessible.

At the heart of Scout and Poppy are our core values: quality, comfort, style, and individuality. We believe in creating a fashion experience that respects our customers’ style preferences and values their comfort. We strive for quality in all that we do, from the clothes we curate to the customer service we provide. And we celebrate individuality, encouraging our customers to express their unique style.

At Scout and Poppy, we’re more than just a boutique – we’re your partner in creating a wardrobe you love, one that tells your story.

Hello there, I'm Lisa - the founder behind Scout and Poppy Boutique. It brings me immense joy to welcome you to our wonderful world of fashion and style. As the owner and founder of Scout and Poppy boutique, I want to express my gratitude for your presence here.

As a creative, I always had a passion for fashion and style.  Being close to nature is my happy place, and I take every opportunity to immerse myself in its beauty.

As a do-gooder, I strongly believe in the power of giving back to society. That's why I take great pride in creating a business that's not only aesthetically pleasing but also responsible. 

One of the things that inspire me the most is surrounding myself with strong, bold women who help me grow and evolve my business. I believe that collaboration and support are essential for success, and I'm grateful to have an amazing team by my side.

Thank you once again for being a part of the Scout and Poppy community. Let's embark on a fashion-forward adventure together!

Email: cutomerservice@scoutandpoppy.com
I hope you find something in our boutique that you love and please do send us photos of you wearing your purchase(s) or tag us on social. #scoutandpoppy
Happy shopping!
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