Easy DIY Halloween Nail Art

Nail Art for Halloween designs, easy to make by yourself at home

Every 31st of October calls for some creative fun, be it costumes, makeup, nail art design, or hair. This year on Halloween you can get your kitty claws ready for the party, all by yourself! Just make sure you read through these interesting Halloween nail art hacks and smart tips.

Things don’t have to get mundane here and so, you can try out some of these vampy and unique Halloween nail art looks for 2020. Your Halloween manicure doesn’t have to be super expensive, in fact if you can absolutely DIY your nails with the funkiest looks in town. Literally!

Step 1: Decide

Try to decide a look or create a rough image in your mind about the final look you want. This will allow you to focus on the things you require for your spooky Halloween nail makeover. You can also checkout the demo look we chose for you down here.

Step 2: Shop

Get your hands on a basic Halloween nail art kit which has all the tools to design your required look. Also, you can pick up the nail paints you require for your theme at this stage. We have also assorted DIY Halloween nail art look guidelines for you to start with.

Step 3: Nail Prep

Roughly trim the nail shape to make the length and shape of the nails a little more presentable before you dive into nail art right away. Buff up your nails and file them kitty claws straight, square or with rounded edges for symmetry.

Tip:  Buffing nails makes the surface smoother and easy to glide on.

halloween nails

Image via Pinterest

Skull and Cross Halloween Nail Art for Freshers

This black and white nail-art-look for Halloween is an absolute winner for starters. It requires simple tools and only two nail paints. Amazing! Isn’t it?

How to get this look:

Start off by applying black nail paint on you thumb and the little finger.

Now paint rest of the nails white.

Take the slimmest brush from your nail art set and dip it in some white paint. Paint two crosses, one on each nail painted black OR you can simply paint white stripes on each of these nails like the rest of the nails EXCEPT the middle finger.

*Tip: If a brush is to difficult to control try a black Sharpie!

Once, you have painted stripes on all the nails paint your middle finger with a white paint completely. Let it dry for 10 minutes. Now paint a black outline for the skull followed by black eyes and lastly, a stitched smile for the mouth of the skull.

And Viola! Your Halloween nails are ready for a night out. Don’t forget to show-off those pretty little slayers.