How To Dress Boho Chic

How To Dress Boho Chic

Bohemian fashion was a BIG DEAL in the 60s and early 70s, but in the last decade, it has seen a resurgence. Thanks to celebrities like Olsen Twins and Kate Moss who rock boho styles in glamorous, yet natural looks.

 Boho Chic style is characterized by flowy clothing, vintage accessories, as well as natural hair and makeup. Its all about expressing your earthy and artsy personality. How do you pull off Boho Chic without looking like a hippie from the 70s? This post is going to explore how to dress boho chic.

Boho Chic Clothing

Clothing is a big component of boho chic and you want to remember the following tips when choosing what to wear:

 Free and Flowy Fabric

Boho vibe is all about flowy clothing but you also want to focus on the specific size and quality. Stick to loose-fitting clothing that is comfortable but not too long or voluminous. You dont want it to look like youre wearing a tablecloth.


Stick With Natural Tones and Fabric

Boho chic is about looking natural. Thats why you want to stick to colors like white, earthy red and orange, brown, dark green, brown, and beige. As for the material, wear natural fabrics like chiffon, cotton, suede, leather, fur, velvet, and silk.

Check out our Harlow Midi Dress with beautiful cream and coral floral prints, featuring a v-neckline to give you a good sense of what to choose. 

Try out Fun Patterns

Flowers and avant-garde-style accents are coherent with the boho chic philosophy. So is ethnic-inspired patterns. Funky prints on a free-flowing cloth will be eye-catching and fun.


 Experiment with fitted and flowy clothes.

If youre wearing a flowy top, try combining it with a fitted skirt or pants and vice versa. Boho chic is all about exploring what best brings out your personality in a natural way.

Wear Natural Shades of footwear

Ethnic-inspired sandals or ballet flats all work with Boho style. You can try out ankle boots with thick heels or cowboy boots in cooler weather. Colors like brown, beige, and tan are most suitable.

 Dress In Layers

For example, a natural-looking jacket or a long cardigan over a wide halter jumpsuit will help bring out that classy but natural look.



When it comes to accessories, you want to stick with big, vintage-looking items for your bohemian style. Here are some tips to keep in mind:


Natural Necklaces

Ethnic-inspired necklaces made from leather, stones, metals, fringe, wool are perfect Boho chic necklaces. You can check out our stunning antique-styled Coin Charm Layer Necklace that will give you major boho vibes.

Cultural Bracelets

Colorful, cultural bangles like Mexican bracelets are among the common types. Its up to you to experiment with what works best. You can even try out a wooden bracelet.


 Dangly Earrings

Bohemian style often combines metal with natural materials like stone, leather, and feather. Sticking with a natural shade is always a good idea. You can check out our Arc Fringe Earrings that are lightweight and perfect for boho style.

 Hats or Headbands

To rock boho style, you cannot go wrong with a Fedora and floppy, wide-brimmed hats. A new trend is the tying of floral headbands, scarves or bandanas to compliment your looks.


Boho style is all about self-expression, so its crucial to have fun while you explore. Asides from the flowy clothing and natural accessories, you also want to keep your hair natural and use makeup that will enhance your natural look.

 So what are you waiting for? Go rock that bohemian style to the fullest!