Why a Fleece Teddy Bear Jacket is a Must-Have This Season

Winters season- a time where we just want to stay snuggled up in our beds. But that  possible. As you go get that trench, leather, and other coats that will make you look stylish and chic even in chilly weather.  Teddy coats give you the perfect coziness all day long. Here are the reasons a ladies' teddy fleece coat is a must-have.

Warm and Stylish

If summers about looking stylish with minimal clothing, then winters about keeping up to the trend even with heavy clothing. With a teddy coat, you get to keep warm and revamped in your street style. It just gives you that upgraded fashion look. In those cold mornings where you have to go to work, the teddy coat outfit will give you that elegant style thatll keep you warm and boost your confidence all day long.

teddy coat outfit 

Goes Well With Other Outfits

When it comes to teddy coat outfit ideas, we just cant get enough of it. Even better is that a teddy coat will most likely blend well with a majority of clothes in your wardrobe. You can wear a teddy bomber with your favorite skinny jeans and chunky boots for a stylish, yet cool outfit. With a more playful teddy coat, a feminine midi skirt with a chic statement-sleeve blouse will give you that sophisticated office look. A light brown teddy coat with your best pair of jeans and fun top will give that sexy look for your night outings.

teddy coat styled 

A Pretty Coverup

How often do you get stuck deciding what to wear? With a teddy coat long outfit, you begin to worry less about that because its a great cover-up. As you cuddle in your over-sized teddy coat, you get to stay warm and confident, knowing that the coat is the main look for your attire.

Teddy Coat outfit idea

It’s simply cool

Teddy coats are one of the fashion pieces that offer great practicality beyond a cute outfit. The fleecy material makes it light and fuzzy, yet it puffs up and gives your that chic and cool look. A teddy fleece coat new look will make you feel like a trendy fashionista.

winter teddy coat look  

Get Your Fleece Teddy Jacket

If youre looking for a great vintage-inspired high-quality teddy coat, Shop our collection at Scout and Poppy. With a button-front closure and classic shawl collar for added dimension, itll give you that sassy look all winter long!